Vin: 165321726000795 Owner: GIALLIAN PALMER
Miles: Purchase date: 2017-06-23
Dealer: Gulfside Motorsports
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Notes About This Repair:

C/S unit not maintaining a charge. C/S they have been in contact with Bintelli regarding this issue speaking with Blake and Camille. Customer brought unit in with partial charge. Unit was placed on charge for 4 hours until light turned green. Technician then tested machine for 4 to 5 miles. No noticeable degradation of performance. In full assist mode the indicator on the handlebars will drop a bar or two but power output does not change. When switched to partial assist the indicator on the handlebars comes back to full bars. The indicator on the battery itself shows full power in either mode. Technician did indicate a problem with the charger plug located on the charger itself noting he had to wiggle it and/or wrap it in tape to maintain connection. Technician recommends replacing charger.