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Recent Coffee Talks & Other Videos

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Coffee Talk #26
In this talk, Justin and Jason will give an update on the Coronavirus, how Bintelli is responding and will give two exciting stock updates!

Coffee Talk #25
In this talk, Justin and Jason will give an update on the Coronavirus in China and also their opinions on how to handle the Virus in your dealership.

Coffee Talk #24
In this talk, Justin and Jason have a very special surprise for you! Be sure to tune in so hear the breaking news! They will also discuss how the Coronavirus in China will affect production and inventory. Enjoy!

Coffee Talk #23
In this talk, Justin and Jason recap their recent trip to China (big Scooter / E-Bike news), talk about our new offices, and discuss the upcoming move to our new [to us] production and distribution facility! Enjoy!

Coffee Talk #22
In this talk, Justin and Jason recap January, discuss some upcoming events, and preview the Spring. If your dealership has tried a new promotion that yielded sales, share it on Slack!

Coffee Talk #21
In this talk, Justin, Jason, Lauren, and Christian do a quick recap on the AIMExpo Trade Show that just finished and discuss ending the year strong with a solid holiday sales program. Tune in and reach out to let us know how we can help!

Coffee Talk #20
“State of the Union” on Bintelli including inventory updates, new product releases, new colors, staffing additions, and more!

Coffee Talk #19
An update on the Powersports Industry as a whole along with Bintelli individually.

Coffee Talk #18
Discussion about the demise of Toys ‘R Us and what we should learn from it

Coffee Talk #17
Review of the CABDA Bike Show with a special guest

Coffee Talk #16
Recap of the 2018 Bintelli Dealer Summit

Coffee Talk #15
Discussion Regarding Price Gouging and Setting Proper Prices to Increase Sales

Coffee Talk #14
Discuss the results of the recent retail spending poll, debut a new sign and tshirt, talk about the AIMExpo, and offer advice on three FREE advertising websites that are working well for dealers.

Coffee Talk #13
Discuss gearing up for the holiday season. It’s not too late for you to make some good money this holiday season! Having stock, promoting, and understanding that customers who are willing to give YOU their money are going to buy from someone this holiday season… it might as well be you! Lean on the team at Bintelli to help you have the most profitable holiday season possible!

Coffee Talk #12
It’s been a while since the guys checked in… so this is a great video to watch! Updates across the board on the new parts website, new dealer portal, upcoming inventory, the dealer summit, floorplan options – and more!

Coffee Talk #11
– How the Bintelli E-Bike program works (and the perks)
– How to deal with sellers of $500 e-bikes
– Who to market e-bikes to
– Update on 2018 Dealer Summit Sign Ups

Coffee Talk #10
We just returned from the 1st Annual Bintelli Dealer Summit, and we’re going to give a recap!

Coffee Talk #9
Collin Austin from NS4L joins us today on this 9th edition of Coffee Talks! Collin will highlight an exciting statistic his dealership saw this year where Bintelli Scooters required 50% less warranty repair time spent over his other brand of Chinese scooters!

Coffee Talk #8
0:36 Reviewing Reports & Setting Goals
8:21 Craigslist Price Changes

Coffee Talk #7
0:10 Inc5000 Explanation
1:20 Specific things we learned at the Conference
5:30 Dealer Summit Discussion
11:52 Two Day Discount for the Dealer Summit

Role Play: How To Upsell Adly
Here we do a roleplay to show how we would go through explaining the differences between a Bintelli and Adly scooter to an interested customer.

All Coffee Talks can be viewed by clicking this link.