Vin: LLPVGBAF3H1G20423 Owner: Roberto Piere
Miles: 1,098 Purchase date: 2017-01-16
Dealer: Hawg Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

1220A-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder head assy
12391-SQ5A-9010 O-ring cylinder head
92900-06032-08 Double end studs M6×32
12191-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder gasket
12251-SQ5A-9000 Gasket cylinder head
14555-SQ5A-9000 Gasket chain adjuster
Cylinder, piston, piston rings, circlip, piston
pin group

Notes About This Repair:

Customer had first oil change on time. we have a record in his purchase history. scooter would not start customer had us tow it to shop. I troubleshot and found that the motor had little compression @ 60psi, next I looked at the valves and they were not very far off. To get the compression up it would need a new top end of motor. Which would meant I’d have to rebuild the motor. We would prefer to just install a new engine