Vin: LLPVGBAD6J1D21027 Owner: Patel Mahesh
Miles: 861 Purchase date: 2018-07-16
Dealer: Hawg Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

12191-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder gasket
12251-SQ5A-9000 Gasket cylinder head
1310A-9500 Cylinder, piston, piston rings, circlip, piston
1221A-SQ5A-9000 Rocker bracket assembly
12391-SQ5A-9010 O-ring cylinder head
92900-06032-08 Double end studs M6×32
1220A-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder head assy
98056-5771R-00 “NGK”Spark plug (with R)

Notes About This Repair:

customer had first service at 300 miles. came back to shop with a hard/no start problem that had been recurring. I trouble shoot the ignition system first and found that it had good spark. next I looked at the float bowl of carb to see if there was any sediment in bowl and made sure the jets were clear. however it was still hard to start = installed new carb to trouble shoot and rule out the carb. with no improvement. Next I did a compression test and cylinder leak down test on the motor. the compression was low and did not improve with a valve adjustment. Also motor failed to hold pressure with the leak down test. = MOTOR HAS A BAD TOP END AND WOULD NEED TO BE REPLACED