Vin: llpvgbaa3h1m21373 Owner: Donald Bussiere
Miles: 195 Purchase date: 2017-06-20
Dealer: Proline
List The Part Numbers Needed:

1 12100-SQ5A-9000
Cylinder comp

4 14555-SQ5A-9000
Gasket chain adjuster

5 12191-SQ5A-9000
Cylinder gasket

6 12251-SQ5A-9000
Gasket cylinder head

12 13111-SQ5A-9000
Piston pin

13 13011-SQ5A-9000
Piston ring .comp

16 13115-0A01-9000
Piston pin clip
(Need 2 Clips)
17 13101-SQ5A-9000

41 12322-SQ5A-9100
Qi port cylinder head gasket graphite

45 12308-SQ5A-9000
Qi port cylinder head gasket graphite

Notes About This Repair:

The piston was stuck in the cylinder and the piston pin was seized in the piston. Bike was delivered with a fresh oil change after it was removed from crate, prior to delivery. Oil was full but has a burnt smell to it. I have pictures if you would like to see them. Please direct ship to Harbortown Auto, 850 Greenland Rd, Ontonagon, MI 49953 Thank you, Stephanie Korish, Proline Automotive