Vin: LLPTGKBJXJ1E8514 Owner: Nader Naser
Miles: 660 Purchase date: 2018-10-08
Dealer: Hawg Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

10000-GY7A-9000-CC-2 engine

Notes About This Repair:

scooter was hard/not starting = checked the fuel system, and ignition system, then I found the compression slightly low, did a valve adjustment. got scooter to then start. however it ran poorly, Also it was smoking when you throttle up, so I installed a new carb. still not any improvement. after riding around -15 to 20 miles it got worse. double checked the valves, readjusted and test some more no improvement. — At this point I was pretty certain that the motor was starting to suffer from a bad top end.

This bike had a broken exhaust, previous to this repair. I believe that the valve train received some damage from running with a broken exhaust header pipe.

I pulled the head off and you can see from the pictures how poorly it was running.

Thanks for everything,

Hawg Scooters Savannah