Vin: 1G9BA2117KC411184 Owner:
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Dealer: BeachN Rides
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Notes About This Repair:

We were preparing this cart to be potentially purchased by a customer. Part of their requirement to complete the purchase was whether we could get the cart to 24 to 25 mph. We were struggling to get it up to speed within acceptable parameters, and also noticed the voltage dropping quite quickly (within 2 miles) after we had freshly taken it off the charger with a full charge–and the voltage on the handheld computer was already reading down at 46V. So we decided to load test the batteries. This is a 2019 model that we just received, mind you. Upon load testing the batteries, one of them was noticeably weaker than the rest. Upon closer inspection we noticed Hey! This battery is dated June of 2017. So it appears someone tried to mix in one 2017 battery with the rest of the batteries dated from late 2018. Upon installation of a new T-105 from our shelf and charging, the speed problem and range problem were immediately alleviated. I’m glad we caught this before delivering it to the customer and having them report a very short range. I would normally approach Trojan if this were truly a warranty battery–but I feel that we should be reimbursed through you all since we had to take one of our new T-105s off the shelf. Thank you.