Vin: 165321726001476 Owner: Mark Joncas
Miles: Purchase date: 2018-06-23
Dealer: White Mountain Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

18, B1 Controller

Notes About This Repair:

This is the same bike that I submitted a claim for the assist magnet under the bottom bracket.
I have not got there yet because this controller is not functioning.
This B1 assist pad will not work on this bike. When plugged into a different bike it works. So then I brought another B1 next to it and crossed the wires from a functioning B1 to the controller and it works. When I then plugged in the non functioning controller to the working B1 the assist pad does not work. Long story short, I have a bad controller on the same B1 as I submitted before. Wow. Call me with any questions. Thank you.