Miles: 476 Purchase date: 2018-09-06
Dealer: Gulfside Motorsports
List The Part Numbers Needed:

1 x 12251-116-000 CYL HD GSKT
1 X 98076-101-00A SPARK PLUG
1 X 12301-116-000 CYL KIT
1 X 12191-16-000 BASE GSKT
1 X 13000-116-000 CRANK ASSY
2 X 96100-62040 CRANK BRG
1 X 96500-20428 OIL SEAL
1 X 96500-20306 OIL SEAL
1 X 96200-101412 NEEDLE BRG
1 X 13111-104-000 PISTON PIN
2 X 13115-104-000 PISTON CIRCLIP
1 X 17111-116-000 REED GSKT

Notes About This Repair:

Customer had us pick up unit with a no start issue. Technician checked machine over and was able to get it started. Technician found engine to have abnormal mechanical noise. Authorized technician to remove top end of engine to inspect. Technician found piston severely scored and cylinder damaged with metal shavings throughout. Oil pump is working as designed and oil tank is also indicative of the proper amount of oil being used during the units current mileage. Everything appeared to be installed correctly as designed from manufacturer with no signs of tampering.