Vin: LLPVGBAD8J1F21388 Owner: Richard p Mika
Miles: 407 Purchase date: 2018-09-04
Dealer: Hawg Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

12191-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder gasket
12251-SQ5A-9000 Gasket cylinder head
1310A-9500 Cylinder, piston, piston rings, circlip, piston
12391-SQ5A-9010 O-ring cylinder head
92900-06032-08 Double end studs M6×32
1220A-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder head assy
1221A-SQ5A-9000 Rocker bracket assembly

Notes About This Repair:

scooter was being hard to start and losing power after running a few minutes. = we cleaned his carb with no improve then tried a new carb. new ignition coil, and cdi. still no improvement NEXT WE DID A COMPRESSION AND CYLINDER LEAK DOWN TEST WHICH FAILED TO HOLD AND MAKE PROPER PRESSURE.
Scooter will need a top end rebuild.