Vin: LLPVGBAA7J1D26100 Owner: Howard Carlton
Miles: 612 Purchase date: 2018-07-21
Dealer: Hawg Scooters
List The Part Numbers Needed:

14555-SQ5A-9000 Gasket chain adjuster
12191-SQ5A-9000 Cylinder gasket
12251-SQ5A-9000 Gasket cylinder head
Cylinder, piston, piston rings,
12391-SQ5A-9010 O-ring cylinder head
1221A-SQ5A-9000 Rocker bracket assembly 1
92900-06032-08 Double end studs M6×32=Quantity 2
98056-5771R-00 “NGK”Spark plug
12322-SQ5A-9100 Qi port cylinder head gasket graphite

Notes About This Repair:

scooter has had first service at 250 miles. we towed it to the shop after it cut out and would not start. upon further investigation we found it had only 80psi of compression, Next we adjusted the intake and exhaust valves. however it still would not start because adjusting the valves did not bring compression back up = IT NEEDS A MOTOR REBUILD AT 612 MILES