Vin: LLPVGBAB0H1E20452 Owner: Lawrence Hua
Miles: 111 Purchase date: 2018-06-29
Dealer: NS4L
List The Part Numbers Needed:

SKU: 61100-AEA1-JJ001-J
SKU: 53205-AEA1-JJ001-J
SKU: 53170-AEA1-0000
SKU: 88120-AEA1-0000
SKU: 64220-AEA1-0000-J
SKU: 53208-AEA1-0000-J
SKU: 45200-AEA1-0000

Notes About This Repair:

Emailed Kevin-we think the failed caliper (under warranty) is what caused the accident resulting in the damage/destruction of these parts.