Vin: 165321726000456 Owner: Sandy Jones
Miles: 469 Purchase date: 2017-08-02
Dealer: Sarasota Mopeds
List The Part Numbers Needed:

SKU: BB-159 M1 Battery

Notes About This Repair:

bike already had new computer replaced.
first test charged up to 54.6 volts (with brand new charger.) put batt on brand new m1.
we ran bike 14 miles. started 18.9mph then chugging felt like motor dragging .at 5miles in the batt drop to 1 bar on lcd would only get 14mph on and off on way back . 15miles total
battery droped to 44.4 volts.
charged batt up with the (old charger) put batt on customers bike went 18.3mph
54.4 volts then 4 miles in droped to 1 bar on lcd would only go 14.6 miles batt tested 46.5volts