As you know we keep a close eye on not only trends within our dealer family, but the entire powersports industry as a whole. Over the last year we noticed some incredibly disturbing statistics and reached out to other manufacturers regarding the trends to get a better gauge on the state of the powersports industry. In 2017, less than 50% of the dealers who received our emails containing videos and guides to help improve dealership profitability and happiness opened them. Of the approximately 50% who opened the email, only 39.5% of those clicked to open the actual content within the email which equates to just 19 out of 100 dealers interested in improving their businesses. Finally, the average watch rate of the videos released in 2017 was only 60.6%, meaning only 11.8 dealers watched the video in full.

That is staggering.

Out of every 100 dealers, only 11.8 are watching content created by their partners created for FREE, with the sole purpose of assisting their dealerships. It’s no wonder so many dealers are struggling and closing up shop when so few are taking advantage of free resources.

It is our mission at Bintelli to provide continuing aid for our dealer family in improving profitability, revenue stream, and employee/customer happiness. As a supporter of brick and mortar dealers, we want to aid you in fighting off online stores like Amazon and online drop shippers that are taking away your sales! In order to do that however, we need all powersport dealers around the country to recognize the need to become more engaged in their industry. Trade show attendance is at record lows, with dealers simply not showing up for amazing industry specific events that contain incredible profitability increasing seminars, all at no cost to the dealership!

In an effort to continue to improve continuing education interest and engagement from the powersports industry, Bintelli is now offering continuing education credits for completing activities that WILL improve your dealership. To be clear, these are activities that dealers should already be doing on their own but have shown they will not. These Continuing Education credits can earn you Bintelli Bucks, Bintelli scratch offs, co-op advertising, swag, and more!

It’s important to note that these amazing incentives should be seen as nothing more than additional perks to the knowledge you will be gaining which will inherently improve your dealership profitability and your customer and employee happiness. Our big ask of you is to realize that if manufacturers have to incentivize dealership interest and engagement in their industry, it’s going to come at a price to the dealerships. That means higher unit prices and manufacturers who will choose to sell direct to the end user, bypassing the brick and mortar dealer network that is not fulfilling their end of the partnership. For those who attended our Summit this year, you know we don’t want that to happen! We are hoping this program will provide a “jump start” that our dealer family will use to increase interest and engagement that will spread to other types of dealerships and manufacturers as well. Together, and only together, we can work to keep brick and mortar powersports sales strong within our industry!

Please select which Continuing Education credit type you would like to receive credit for:

Bintelli Video Continuing Education Credits (2018 Videos)

Trade Show Attendance (2018) Continuing Education Credits

Trade Show Seminar (2018) Continuing Education Credits

Terms of Continuing Education Credits:
Credits can be earned for the current year only. Points are counted and reset on July 1st and December 31st. Any co-op advertising granted must be approved prior to use. Bintelli Bucks and co-op advertising are valid for 6 months.